The Emergent Song (The Earth Song)
by Samuel Jagoda

Everyone loves music. The sound of a beautiful harmony cascading like falling water. The pulse of a beat that resonates your entire body.
Music is entwined in all of us as a fundamental part of our culture. Some call it a gift that only few can master. Others worship to it to feel connected to something other worldly. Still more just want to dance to it. Have you ever wondered...

Where did this wonderful substance-less language come from?

Would you be shocked if I told you that music has been here since the birth of our home, the Earth? Since before man tapped his first drum or sang his first note, a song emerged from the depths of creation. One that has been flowing and evolving with the tide of life since the colliding energy that makes our existence possible came together.
I want you to close your eyes, open your ears and drift back, far into time. Back before the first cities. Back before the mighty reptilian conquerors. Back before the first developing land creature stretched its legs out of the sea. Back to when the Earth was still mixing and churning and forming. The elements were dancing back and forth, busy creating new substances. There was a silence in these primal days. Well, not exactly a silence.; it was more of a deafening hum. It was the most overwhelming sound that never changed and never weakened. It was as if every chord of the Universe was being struck at the same time. This hum stretched over the course of many millions of years until a settling of the Earth's substances started to take place. Out of the cooling primal fury came water, air, and rocks. In conjunction with the sun, these three substances shaped and sustained the Earth. With their arrival, the deafening hum started to break down.
It was then that the song of the Earth began to emerge from that initial roar of creation. It rose up subtly at first, then becoming more defined as the years passed. There was the steady 'woosh' of the wind, the 'clapping' of the waves and the shores, the rain 'tapping' on the rocks, and the rocks 'pounding' as they ruptured and split. As the Earth became filled with new motion the hum slowly dispersed into different sounds and the song of the Earth had begun. Can you imagine what it was like? This rhythm of nature building and constructing. It was preparing. You see, the orchestra was not complete yet. There were many parts still needed to join in.
Millions of years passed and the song became greater in expression and rhythm. The rain continued to tap, the wind whistled and blew, the waves clapped, and the rocks pounded. Then, deep from within the ocean, something responded. It started very soft, almost unnoticeable at first. It wasn't so much of an audible sound as a feeling of potential. Time continued to crawl and as it did, this potential crawled too. Out from the ocean came the Amphibians and with them the first voices. This was truly a time of celebration. The song that had been building for so long on Earth now had new participants. The Amphibians filled the rhythms of nature with new articulations and they became just as diverse as the original forces of the song had. The song of the Earth became more harmonious and gorgeous every day.
Eventually the lands were filled with voices, small and large, in many different qualities. The Reptiles roared their way into the song making quite a ruckus. Then later the birds chimed in with their sweet singing. But the birds weren't the final layer of this song even though their contribution was truly beautiful. For the song to be perfect, it required a few more components.
The Mammals joined in next adding their voices to the composition, which was truly great by this time. Such a song had never been heard in the Universe before, but it was still not complete. As new creatures joined in, some disappeared leaving empty harmonies and incomplete rhythms. A whole lot of hard work was not being fully realized.
As if in answer to this, a miracle occurred. A being that had never been before arose among the animals. With him came a voice and mind that would be able to sustain and build the song to levels never before realized. That creature was Man. He listened to the patterns and rhythms around him and began to channel them. Through his hands, all of the long lost voices as well as new ones were possible. He also added his own voice to the ancient song. The song that has been flowing since the first dawn on our home world, and will continue to do so as long as we all help to sustain it. Together the lives of this planet will sing this song into infinity, exploring harmonies and rhythms never before conceived. Expressing beautiful melodies that will ring throughout the grand and mysterious Universe from whence all came.